World's 9 wonders
One morning you’ll wake up and you find yourself living in one of the 9 wonders of the world. My Wiorld is located in one of the most glamorous parts the city. Each district offers its residents all the frills of a five star holiday. We’ve give the home of your future a bright name: Andromeda, Suncity, Highpark, Starland, Moontown, Equinox, Diamond, Southside and of course MyClub'World, a social and athletic living club with perfect opportunities.

You may select an apartment from Starland, Equinox or Suncity , all of which offer a wide range of options from 1+1s to 5+1s. You can also choose one of the roof flats in Diamond, where you can sunbathe and watch the stars. If you seek a comfortable residence, you'll find the perfectl one in Andromeda. This fantastic structure consists of 4 connected towers, and it will be the most active part of My World with My Club at the entrance. The life you'll choose is either in Highpark, Moontown or Southside; you'll live in an ideal world.

The housing complex is well-planned with areas for you to socialize as well as areas where you can enjoy peace and privacy.

If you live in My World, you are not just a site-dweller anymore but a citizen of a world with common beliefs and a shared philosophy…