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Required land exploration is performed in accordance with the latest earthquake directives.

• All static calculations are carried out in accordance with the soil report and soil improvement report approved by έTά, Bά and έά experts.

• Telephone access in all flats and elevators.

• Able to call the flats from the security office if necessary.

• Digital doorbell mounted on the building entrance doors.

• Ability to open the building entrance doors without a key by means of a key code available to home owners.

• generator powerful enough to supply emergency power in all parts of the complex.

• High speed elevators complying with TSE standards.
• Access to the buildings via the parking garage.

• Color, high resolution, and day & night cameras every 25- 30 meters throughout the perimeter wall.

• Monitoring and recording every significant point: parking lot entrances, site entrances and playground views in digital media.

• Maximum safety control via a double infrared light electronic active barrier system.

• Burglar sensor at ground and 1st floor.